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12x12 stall with automatic waterer

assigned space in a community tack & feed room.

30 acre pasture available for turn out. 


Owner responsible for feed

mucking & turnout.

1 Acre Paddock Rental


12x12 stall with an automatic waterer, one acre paddock for your use only, individual tack & feed room.


Stall Rental


Stable Services Offered    

Monthly Service Package

   Package Rates: for regularly scheduled care

  • AM feeding

  • Release to 30 acre pasture

  • Stall mucking

  • PM bring in

  • PM feed

7 days a week: $350.00 per month

6 days a week: $325.00 per month (Monday-Saturday)

5 days a week: $300.00 per month (Monday-Friday)

At Need Services

At need service, for when you cant get out to the ranch

  • AM feeding:  $5.00 per horse per day                                        

  • PM feeding:  $5.00 per horse per day                      

  • Stall mucking:  $5.00 per stall per day     

(12 hour notice required)


All monthly services will be expected at the 1st of each month. Additional services will be invoiced at the end of each month and must be paid immediately.  Additional care can be sent upon request.

Veterinarian of choice:

Dennis W. Jenkins, D.V.M.

3417 Avenue J | Sante Fe, TX 77510


(Dr. Jenkins and his team make a barn call every other Thursday to DBR, Barn Fee is divided between the number of horses seen)

Feed Store:

Tibaldo's Feed & Supply

12011 Hwy 6, Alta Loma, TX 77510

(409) 925-2735

(The team at Tibaldo's delivers to DBR every other Tuesday)

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